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Riding by the seat of my pants tour

I’m seeing more and more of my friend musicians selling their gear and it breaks my heart to see the music industry so fragile. I’m moving everything online and buying equipment to do so. I have wonderful musicians that are showing me their true passion for music and we are keeping LIVE music alive. We may not have the usual gigs but isn’t music about being creative? And not just the music part that we don’t get to play often but the life that surrounds it? My creativity is being stretched to new heights, to the point that I may

Forget the pandemic. Let’s celebrate music.

This pandemic has left me wondering “Where do I go from here”? Everyone has different issues and different circumstances going on and I am no different. Confused and trying to

The week the pandemic hit

It was Monday morning. I am at Your Independent Grocers (our ticket sales location sponsor) handing them tickets to our second flagship event, “Country Greats” that was to be held


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